The Institute is organised around the General Members Assembly, a board that runs the association, and an independent Scientific Council which defines the directions according to the state of the art, and recent developments in the health knowledge.

The association is chaired by Pr Marius FIESCHI.
The Scientific Council is chaired by Pr Jacques DEMONGEOT: see the composition of the Scientific Council.


pr marius fieschi

Marius Fieschi MD, PhD, is an honorary professor of public health at Faculty of Medicine of Marseilles. In the same university, he created and managed the Teaching and Research Laboratory for Medical Data Processing. He served as Vice Chairman of the Université de la Méditerranée (2008-2011). Head of the public health and medical information department at Timone Hospital in Marseilles, he was the first chief of the Public Health department for Public Hospitals of Marseilles. He served as consultant to the French Ministry of Health (Directorate for Hospitals) from 1989 to 1994, he has written several reports for Health Ministers. His research has covered medical decision support tools, expert medical systems, AI medical applications and healthcare information systems: medical concept representation, semantic and knowledge management, computerized practice guidelines, electronic health records. Prof. Marius Fieschi has had many roles in different national and international professional scientific associations and in editorial boards of international scientific journals.


dr jacques demongeot

Jacques Demongeot MD is a Doctor in Mathematics and Medicine. His dual training opened the doors to the worlds of hospital (he founded the Public Health Unit at Grenoble Hospital), teaching (he founded the Doctoral Engineering School for Health and the Environment at Grenoble University) and research (after managing the TIMC-IMAG medical engineering and modelling lab from 1986 with around 300 university and CNRS researchers, in 2010 he launched the TIMC-IMAG spin-off: the AGIM team, dedicated to ageing research). His current research subjects focus on understanding the process leading to cognitive and/or motor impairment in the elderly and explaining the genetic control mechanisms of metabolic networks involved in many chronic degenerative diseases.

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