OpenHealth Institute responds to calls for projects, either alone or as a consortium with public or private partners, contributing to innovative research or projects about health data processing within the domain of public healthcare.

The Institute endeavours to facilitate access to data, inventorying available data and making its contributors data available.

The Institute offers its members and the public the latest news about the sector, other bibliographical elements and publications concerning health data analysis.

OpenHealth Institute carries out scientific intelligence, facilitating the participation of researchers in international events and publishing the content. It promotes the work (theses, PhDs) it judges to be particularly interesting, work that will move discussion and debate about the use of health data forward.

OpenHealth Institute allocates grants for Masters internships and thesis work in new areas concerning the use of health data. It finances post doc missions, in particular at overseas laboratories.

The Institute contributes to the promotion and publication of knowledge and work on the theme of health data analysis. It organises the publication of PhDs, theses and studies that it supports. It helps finance travel to conferences to present this work. It organises events, debates and round tables on the subject of health data analysis.

The Institute contributes to the debate on responsible healthcare innovation and health data access.

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