The massive production of now mostly digitalised healthcare data is generating a new paradigm in our healthcare system. At the same time, new information and communication technologies are making the processing of these huge data volumes possible. The challenge exists in the ability to give meaning to the data, to transform it into useful information for both knowledge and action.

Currently, data analysis is opening up horizons in public healthcare: detecting drug interactions and serious side effects, detecting and tracking epidemics and health crises, identifying risk factors, improving care for the chronically ill, preventing rehospitalisation, assessing public policies and more.

At the same time, collecting and processing health data encourages methodological and ethical reflection; analysis of this voluminous data currently produced by dissimilar sources in different languages must lead to conclusions of verifiable validity.

The subject is mobilising all developed countries in unequal ways. In France, it is essential we encourage and support a dynamic approach to this subject that is crucial for the future, in particular by supporting research. OpenHealth Institute will help with this task, with the support of its partners and contributors.

OpenHealth Institute aspires to be a forum for reflection on healthcare data and how it should be processed. Its purpose is to drive innovation forward, always at the service of research.

OpenHealth Institute contributes to public interest projects which create scientific value. It helps promote the use of healthcare data and Big Data from the medical world.

OpenHealth Institute is a non-profit association governed by the French Law of 1901 (see Legal Statutes).

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