Paris, 10th December 2015 - Prof. Marius FIESCHI, honorary Professor of Public Health at Faculty of Medecine of Marseilles, and Dr Jean-Yves ROBIN, Chief Executive Officer of OpenHealth Company, announce the creation of OpenHealth Institute to encourage, advocate and support scientific projects which help promote the use of healthcare data, at the service of patients and public healthcare.

"Health data analysis and the use of new technologies will accelerate the development of healthcare systems, support innovative organisations and introduce new methodological approaches to clinical research and public healthcare," Prof. FIESCHI explains. "The methodological, ethical and legal questions raised by this development lie at the heart of OpenHealth Institute and its endeavours."

Budgets for research programmes and scientific publications are increasing in this field that boasts great potential for innovation and moving knowledge forward, all over the world. In France, it is essential to encourage and support a dynamic approach to this field which poses strategic challenges.

A non-profit association exclusively dedicated to research, OpenHealth Institute will provide support for research focused on healthcare data analysis, at the service of public healthcare and to evaluate healthcare systems. The Institute will also support research in this field, providing flexible, rigorous and independent measures.

It will provide scientific intelligence and will facilitate the travel and participation of French researchers at international events. Through publications and teaching, it will contribute to the promotion and circulation of knowledge about health data and will provide better access to said data.

OpenHealth Institute has an independent Scientific Council that instructs this work. Its members are qualified experts from the world of public health and social science research.

OpenHealth Institute represents an original initiative in France, a genuine bridge between economic operators and research, at the service of public interest.

OpenHealth Institute is a non-profit association, initiated and supported by OpenHealth Company which pledges its commitment to responsible development in healthcare.


pr marius fieschi smallPr. Marius FIESCHI, Chairman. Marius FIESCHI MD, PhD, is an honorary professor of public health at Faculty of Medicine of Marseilles. In the same university, he created and managed the Teaching and Research Laboratory for Medical Data Processing. He served as Vice Chairman of the Université de la Méditerranée (2008-2011). Head of the public health and medical information department at Timone Hospital in Marseilles, he was the first chief of the Public Health department for Public Hospitals of Marseilles. He served as consultant to the French Ministry of Health (Directorate for Hospitals) from 1989 to 1994, he has written several reports for Health Ministers.
His research has covered medical decision support tools, expert medical systems, AI medical applications and healthcare information systems: medical concept representation, semantic and knowledge management, computerized practice guidelines, electronic health records.
Prof. Marius FIESCHI has had many roles in different national and international professional scientific associations and in editorial boards of international scientific journals.


dr jean yves robin smallDr Jean‐Yves ROBIN, General Secretary. A doctor, he has dedicated his career to communication and information technology applied to public health. In 1998 he founded Uni-Médecine which became Santeos, the first French business specialised in healthcare applications over the internet. In 2008, the government asked him to create an agency responsible for public policy for digital healthcare, Asip Santé, which he ran for 5 years. In 2014, he published: "Santé : L'urgence numérique." Convinced that healthcare data analysis is a powerful lever for transforming healthcare systems, in 2015 he launched OpenHealth Company, the OpenHealth Institute initial contributor. The Institute benefits from the non-exclusive support of OpenHealth Company.


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